Asparagus - fresh from the field

 Asparagus - fresh from the field

Asparagus - fresh from the field

When the asparagus season is just around the corner, opinions differ. There are the biggest suckers and those who do not like him at all.

Asparagus is a true phenomenon of health and can also be used in numerous different ways.
The asparagus season begins around the morning of April. The suckers have to accelerate then, because traditionally the drawing is only done untilSt. John's Day on June 24th. The asparagus factory needs a rest period of 100 days before the first frost. This is the only way for it to have enough strength to sow again coming spring and insure a rich crop.

The asparagus grows stylish in flaxen, gravestone-free soil, as this warms up snappily and therefore promotes growth. Also, pecking is far easier in this soil.
The asparagus is gouged formerly beforehand in the morning and also again in the evening and is veritably sensitive. thus, this should only be done by professionals.

Asparagus contains numerous nutrients similar as
folic acid
Vitamin A
vitamin C
Vitamins B1 and B2
pantothenic acid
The nicain ensures peaceful sleep, the pantothenic acid has a positive effect on skin and hair. In addition, the vegetable is also said to have a energy- enhancing effect, but this can not be scientifically proven.
The asparagus is also veritably low in calories and consists of 90 water. That means you can eat a lot of it to give yourself with the numerous good nutrients.

The amino acid asparagine is also contained in asparagus. You can substantially smell this, because it's broken down in the urea cycle and causes an unwelcome odor in some people( genetically determined) when urinating.
Asparagus stays white only when it grows fullyunderground.However, it snappily turns bluish/ purple, If it looks out of the ground. The maturity of asparagus suckers prefer the white variety.
Green asparagus grows above ground and becomes green as a result of photosynthesis.

Newness is particularly important withasparagus.However, it loses important nutrients and snappily becomes bitter or woody, If it's stored inaptly or for too long.
You can carry out a veritably simple newness test yourself by rubbing two asparagus pikestaffstogether.However, it's impeccably fresh and comestible, If the asparagus squeaks.

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