Top 5 vegan children's books

 Top 5 vegan children's books

Top 5 vegan children's books

It is usually not so easy to give a child something that is not in the corner two days later. Especially in our Plastic Fantastic world, there are often gifts that miss their purpose.

Instead, how about a book that tackles important topics in a kid-friendly way? There are many books now dealing with vegetarianism and climate protection. The earlier we start raising awareness in our children, the more likely they are to make an impact later in life.

Pig Hugo escapes
(from 6 years old)
Little Hugo lives on a farm, and nothing escapes his curious nose. At night, he dreams of life beyond the stable walls - and immediately egged his girlfriend Matilda on a dangerous adventure. Children can excitedly follow the adventures of the two little pigs until the last page.
As an added bonus, there are also kid-friendly recipes in the book's appendix.

The journey to veganism
(from 5 years)
8-year-old Frida lives with her grandparents, together with a cockatoo, a dog and pig Mona. But when Mona is allowed to come to school after the holidays, chaos erupts. A new teacher asks weird questions about animals, the principal calls for a vegan village festival, and the butcher family goes nuts. Will Mona and her friends be able to convince the others that animals are not for eating with a delicious vegan buffet?

Vegan for love
(from 6 years)
Being vegan doesn't just mean eating a purely plant-based diet. But also what clothes we wear and what soap we use, whether we go to the zoo or circus or use animals as toys or sports equipment. Because it is about love and compassion. This is what this picture and non-fiction book tells and encourages children to make small changes.

Let me free!
(from 3 years)
This beautiful book tells stories in graphically reduced pictures that even the little ones can understand right away. Simply turn the page and the animals are there where they actually belong instead of in the cage. The viewer becomes an animal rescuer without words.

Why we don't eat animals
(from 6 years)
The picture book, which was published in the USA in 2009, is a classic of children's literature on the subject of veganism. In the form of a narrative non-fiction book, it explains the peculiarities and needs of chickens, cows, pigs and other animals with soft, sensitive words and pictures in calm, muted colors. And also why they don't feel comfortable in cages and in animal factories. Topics such as biodiversity and the rainforest are dealt with in a way that is child-friendly.

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